UMMM Why do we have MOD' help at all...

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Whats up everyone I did not e-mail every single mod so Im not talking about every mod on the board...anyway here is the story my guy I guess got popped or just all of a sudden shut down so I e-mail a few mods for a ref and got "1" response and it was I dont know you so I wont help you, ok no problem atleaste that mod replied to my e-mail wich Im thankfull for but my point is why are there mods that dont respond wtf, I not trying to be an asshole or cause any problems, by all means, but I always thought that mods where supposed to help you? I guess Im wrong......I even e-mailed a certain mod that I gave info to when he thought his ICN galenika amps where fake and I even asked if he wanted to know where I got them from but this guy didnt even have the respect to reply at all to my e-mail........And again Im not talking about every mod just the one's I e-mailed..............thank-you and this is not a flame to anyone just a dissapointment to me.....

Just so there's no confusion about you asking for a source, from an insecure e-mail addy, here's the e-mail.

This is a message from web_dj at Steroidology Forums ( ). The Steroidology Forums owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

To email web_dj, you can use this online form:

OR, by email:

This is the message:

Whats up bro? this is web_dj, I was wondering if you could hook me up with a supp. please my guy's e-mail addy keeps comming back undeliverable all of a sudden...thanks bro it would be much appreciated....oh a domestic please
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I'm not sure who you emailed, or if I was one of them, but unless you identified who you were, I wouldnt be giving out much info on any sources. Also, how much time did you give the mods to respond?
Thats too bad. Personally if you emailed me about anything to do with sources, then you didnt get a response because I have posted many times on the boards that I cannot respond to anything that involves a source. Its just to keep the board and myself safe.

But Im not sure if this is the case and it is probably not if you are an astute reader.

Maybe some of the Mods were away. This is sumemr season and a lot of the Mods have been gone for long durations. Im not trying to really make excuses. Im sorry that you feel this way and hopefully it wont happen again.
Biggie I completley understand that its just a simple reply would have been greatly appreciated,thats all,no big deal ya know I mean I can pay a little more and use that someone with those keychains he just expensive as hell for garbage vet stuff ya know......
Well Ill look into the situation because we as a staff here like to be known as being the most helpful staff in our community. Its good to get feedback from everyone whether good or bad because thats the only way we can try and improve upon something.
if you get no response at all, you could try email again. I know personally I get a ton of emails, combining that with the fact that I couldnt be more disorganized, its really easy to forget whether or not you responded
Thank you guys very much. and again you guys know Im not being an asshole or a little trouble maker........thanks again
Personally I've had great experiences with the mod staff, source checks and questions about things but I don't expect them to give out sources. WHile they might give a source I figure with a position of mod comes a need to be a little more careful about handing out sensitive info because it could bring trouble to the whole board.
We have great MODs here web_dj. Maybe you just Emailed a few Mods that haven't been around. Usually, I will send a PM to anyone that I want to send an Email to. If they reply, I will Email them my question and usually get a response within 15 minutes.

BUMP for great MODs!
mods have jobs, classes, relationships, etc,. Sometimes they are doing things other than being on the internet. and 2) they dont get paid to do this job a please and thank you go a long way. Be thankful for what you got so far. email mods at diffrent board. Ordering juice is not fastfood
The mods have been great to me no problems there. Thanks fellas your doing a good job......................
You e-mailed me last week. I responded immediately but your e-mail addy came back as undeliverable.

PM me a new addy and I'll try again.
I would like to say that for the most part the MODs here have been extremely helpful to me and I feel like I owe a lot to these guys. They have been there to help me out and answer the questions I asked. There have been some who did not reply to me but if you think of the # of users, It is pretty tough to catch up if you are gone for a couple of days or whatever. It is summer and I know that I don't have access to the net for days in a row sometimes and when I get back, the last thing I want to do sometimes is write emails back. People need to learn to be patient and that this is a community where people offer to share information and are not made to . If you want garunteed responses I'm sure there are places out there willing to accept $$ for what they are giving you. Not trying to lecture but I just went through this with my friend who posted here. He expected 20 replies 10 minutes after his first post.

MODS, Keep up the good work, this is one of the top boards out there by far!
If you get a bunch of no answers, assume they dont know who it is - give them probably 3 days to get back to you though.
Easto said:
We have great MODs here web_dj. Maybe you just Emailed a few Mods that haven't been around. Usually, I will send a PM to anyone that I want to send an Email to. If they reply, I will Email them my question and usually get a response within 15 minutes.

BUMP for great MODs!

100% correct...

biggie and any MODs that i have sent a question have
helped me ASAP!!!

did you use secure mail AND send a notification PM???

and did you keep anything IMPROPER outta the PM???
First I never use pm because I was always told its not secure,second: I appreciate the resposes of the mods to this post and never thought that some maybe on vaca. I love this board because its actually peacfull and helpfull and again I was just disapointed and a little dicouraged when I didnt get any resposes, you guys have to know where Im comming from. yes as well with me the mods have always been quick and helpfull thats why I just couldnt understand why no responses ya know..........thankyou all very much for your replies and thankyou mods for helping me with this confusion. and again I hope no one took this as a flame because like I stated before I am not flamming anyone I was just a little dissapointed........later on all
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