warming up your quads


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when i was going to therapy for my blown out knee the first thing i did to warm up the quads and knees was to get on a treadmill backwards at its highest angle [slow steady pace] for 5 to 10 minutes . what a difference!! so i now incorporate this before my leg workouts.

anyone else do this if not give it a try. gets the blood flowing in your quads bigtime.
I used to run I can see how simulating a downhill run will place emphasis on the Quads, good post .I,ll have t try that.
Usually I will do a few sets of leg extensions, then head over to do squats or leg presses.
I'll usually ride the bike for a few minutes to get my muscle warmed up and then go do a set of squats with no weight to get everything warm, stretch a little and then off I go!
Squats are starting to affect the area directly behind my kneecap. I will have to try that. Thanks.
That's a good idea house. I'll have to try that. I just do a couple light sets of squats before I start my work out to get warmed up.
I do sissy squats to warm up my quads, then do squats, starting iwth one plate, until i work my way up plate by plate to my heavy weight. I too tore up my knee, all three ligaments ACL, MCL, PCL

I will run for 5 minutes to warm my legs up, and start with light weight squats also.. I'm uncordinated.. I might fall. but ill try it out.!!
frisco, it puts the blood in the legs trust me. i am not that cordinated either. took a little bit to get use to. remember slow and steady