We are not always are best judge!


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Hello everyone,

Many of you know from other threads that I am on dbol and sustenon. Going on week 5 of Sustanon (sust), week 4 of dbol. I was severely depressed because I felt like I wasn't making any gains and the scale wasn't moving much. I even started to doubt my source, even though I know he's definitely dependable. I thought maybe I was at a point of complete intolerance to testosterone. Whatever it was I was sad and pissed!

Than Last night I was at the Jersey shore to meet for a family dinner. I hadn't seen these people in six months and when I walked in the door everyone's jaw dropped! I heard "holy shit" after "holy shit!" They were amazed at my size and the monster I had become while I was sitting around being depressed thinking I hadn't made any progress.

I guess we are not always the best judge of our bodies. People who see you everyday are not, either. It's the people who haven't seen you in longer periods of time that truely notice the changes and growth. I feel great now, and even though the scale hasn't gone up much, I am obviously looking bigger and better than before the cycle.

Just wanted to share.....Thanks everyone!:D
Great point bro.
No matter how big you become, you'll always think that you didnt gain much.
Other peoples reactions makes it all worth it :)
I like how your family freely uses "Holy Shit" I guess thats wholesome Jersey family for yah, lol, just bustin your nuts, compman

That is very true...My training partner is has only gained about 7-8 pounds this last cycle, but has made huge changes in strengh and muscle gain, and even has leaned out some...

He has gone from 227-235 and cant see the changes in his body...Even though everyone else has...

This is his second cycle and I guess he thought he would be well over 250 by now....LOL

So true

Had lunch with a friend today, big fat guy(also the nicest guy in the world) Our forearms were next to each other, and I looked down and mine was as big as his. He's 230, I'm 185ish !!!

Body Dismorphic Disorder

I definatly have it. I still feel like I'm 145
I had the same experience. If Arnold has taught us nothing else, it is that gans and improvements in your physique come gradually. Some friends that I hadn't seen since I was 19 saw me for the first time at 21 and made some dramatic exclamations like "tell me what steroids you used!" At that point I was natural. I didn't think I had made good progress but you are right, we are not always the best judge.