Week 1 in the books.


Alleged Fatass!
Well week one of my D-Bol Test EQ cycle is in in the books im up 7lbs from last sunday and the D-Bol should just mow be kicking in and I still have about 2 more weeks till the test/EQ kick in and yes I am running Arimadex @ .5mg EOD.
Glad to see your skinny ass finally started. What weight did you start off at again? 150lbs? :confused:
Enjoy the ride....I did the same cycle a few months ago.....300EQ/300Test per week, and 4 d-bol a day for the first 3 weeks. At the end, my arm taped out just under 18 3/4"....was about 17 1/2 inches at the start. Am definately going to run the same cycle down the road...best I've ever done for mass.