WeightLoss: Birth Control Pills


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Hey Ladies.. I have a question..

Im trying to help my cousin out.

SHe got on birth control a couple of months ago, and even though I warned her.. she immeadiately gained 10 lbs.

Since then she has been real strict on her diet, and been increased her training intensity and slightly increased her frequency.. but still.. the poundage is not budgeing.

Even got her to try 2/2 of clen and eca on top of everything!

On may 10th is her Senior Prom.

Im telling her just to bite down and use a condom for 2 months so that way its easier to lose weigh off of B.C.

but she HATES condoms! LOL

Any advice?

Why is it so hard to lose excess bf when on BC?
The hormones in some birth control pills do cause your body fat to go up but she should be able to balance it out. Most of her weight gain is probably water weight. If she finds she's bloating a lot, get her to pick up some Dandelion Root capsules and incorporate that into her supplementation. Which birth control pill is she on?
She was on the patch for 2 months, but just last week she switched to the pill.. I don treally know what pills she is taking.. but they gave her a green rectangular case to keep them in.
Theres a newer pill out now- thats supposed to prevent any extra weight gain.. let me find out the name..
eeeks... yes nicole please find out!!!.... i plan on going on Ortho- Tri- Cyclen.... and i do not want to gain weight, or carry any extra water weight.... i have heard stories, of people actually losing weight on Ortho... n e one else hear this???
Has she thought about the Depo-Provera Injection? I have been on it for about 6 years now, and I really never gained anything. Plus, I don't get my period anymore on it....and I DO NOT MISS IT!!! After being on it for a while, it just fades away. Of course, this is normal with Depo-Provera. Also, you only have to think about it 4 times a year, and it is about $50 for the medication. Just a thought.

I had the same case. They were called "mercet" but i got a low dose of estrogen in mine.

The estrogen is what makes you gain the weight... IE: water retention.

I would tell her to go back to her doctor's and ask for a low estrogen BC pill. Until she gets them she needs to use condoms!

I got off the patch for the same reason!:)
Ortho Tri Cyclen made me gain..

I stuck to Desogen for a while with good results... cleared my skin..

I have my girlie appt on Thursday- Ill find out the name of that other pill..
IMO, it is the estrogen that makes it difficult for loss of BF in women. I was on one of the lowest-Alesse, and busted my ass at the gym, all to no avail. I've been off for over a year, and have seen great positive changes in my body.
red thats the one the doc said-- allessa..

He put me on Estrostep FE.. I have minor problems with Anemia.. so this pill helps with that..
my girlfriend is currently on ortho tri-cyclen right now...shes gained some weight using it...but i think there is a new ortho low...with les estrogen..would that help? and would it help her to use yohimbe at all? if so... any specific brands of yohimbe or yohimbe+other herbss to help her lose some weight?
the weight gain is mostly water retention, right?...should my girlfriend take fat loss pills or diuretics to help shed some pounds?
lilthanh19 said:
the weight gain is mostly water retention, right?...should my girlfriend take fat loss pills or diuretics to help shed some pounds?

If she's experiencing water retention, she could either take some dandelion root to help rid of some water or she could get her doctor to prescribe her a mild diuretic.
lil'shortstack said:
But what about the weight put on with the shot, depo, I gain so quickly on it? Is it for the same reasons, high estrogen?

on another board, there was a woman who gained INSANE amounts of weight from depo. i've heard so many bad things about depo and weight gain.
I got lazy with taking my bc pills (Loestrin 1.5/30) for a few months and I lost like 10 pounds without doing anything. Then I got responsible again - started taking them regularly, I mean - and I gained 10 pounds back without doing anything. :-(
"No, this time round it’s Oxycontin."

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Since i decided to start competing i had to give up on all hormonal based Birth Control. I tried it all and they all made me retain extra water weight and bodyfat. Ive left it up to the man now which im not sure is a smart move. lol