Well, I finally gave in...


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Next part of my cycle is gonna be all EQL products...I'll be using
susp/winny combo
fina (but i'm gonna make my own)

Cycle will be
100mg suspension evd (oil based)
100mg fina evd
100mg Winstrol (winny) evd (oil based)
800-1200 EQ/week

I'm excited to get this one rollin...I'm tired of sticking my self 3 times just to empty out 3 cc's of jurox Winstrol (winny) and susp...Oil based is gonna be nice...
And here I thought you were going to say Drveejay converted you to the dark :rainbow: side.

Oh wait.....you're already there.
Def keep us posted bro, I would try to get ahold of some of them EQL products.

By the way What does EQL stand for? :confused:
friday march 5, 2004 started 1 cc of 400 mg eq...
going to run it with 30 mgs of anavar a day...
will keep you posted...

3 grams/week! Dayum, ironfist, you must be a big boy, lol. :) That's an E2 cycle if I've ever heard one...although he might say you are going a little light on the test, heh heh. :)