Well.......I'm giving Casein a try!


I am banned!
I've been a strictly "WHEY-GUY" guy for years now. I've been reading about Casein's many positive benefits for years now besides just being slowly absorbed.

Honestly, I don't know WHY I haven't added Caesin, I just never got around to it! :) (That and the fact that I am addicted to Isopure Strawberry.....YUM-YUM)

I feel like I've been sellikng myself short :(

I'm going with a 50/50 (Casein/Whey blend).

I usually do 3 shakes/day.

Once upon rising....this will be 50/50
One post work-out......this will be 100% Whey
One before bed.......this will be 50/50

On a side note, I may add Egg protein too (diversification is key with respect to fascilitating an optimal amino acid pool)

I know.....I know...."don't get too crazy VJ".........:D
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I have been thinking of changing to some combo also.....do you get it custom made from somewhere like "The Protein Factory" ??

IMO, it certainly can't hurt and like they say "Change is good"
if you can afford to keep several kinds around , caesin before bed to stay in your system longer and whey post workout and upon awakening to flood you system with aminos faster , and you could have a scoop of both during the day for a time release effect
Dude just use the casein alone (no whey) before bed,If I could find it here in Canada I would most cetainly be using that as my pre-bedtime drink.

Fair warning bro - the higher percentage of casein protein you use, the higher the likelihood that you will vomit your shake back up. Even though it is great stuff for the reasons mentioned above, I use it kinda sparingly because it tastes like ass.:Puke: