what else besides novla for gyno?


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ive got those great sore and puffy nipples that everyone loves, im on test at 300mg a week and finna around 100mg ed. Ive been taking novla for a few weeks and havent really seen the results that i had hoped for. the novla is from liquid research, and the thing is that it worked great for the first 2 weeks but now seems to not be doing its job. any suggestions?
Do 40mgED until symptoms subside, then 20mgED for the rest of your cycle. You might want to go back to liquidresearch and pick up some Liquid-Dex while you're at it.
It could quite possibly be from the Fina in which case you need bromo due to the prolactin increase, not estrogen increase.
started at 60mg for a few days, then went down to 40mg, the lumps began getting smaller but now have had a rebounding effect.
Go to GNC and grab some VITEX in the meantime. I have heard many guys with success from Vitex and fina related gyno. You really have nothing to lose because its only like 6 dollars a bottle.