What foods should i eat to cut?


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have been working out since August, but I was never able to really lose any weight even though I had a good diet and a 60 minute work out each day. I would like to start cutting!
What foods should I change/add to my diet?
your asking to generalized of a quesiton.. im guessing you have no nutrition experience?
Ok bro you said you doing a good diet???? What you eat every day??? Cause let me tell you your diet is 80.% of succes in this game maybe you doing something wrong
Going lower carb and lower fat macros is a good way to lose fat. If you are horrible at reading labels and tracking macros i would just take what you eat now and cut the calories by 300-400. Give that a go for two weeks and check your progress. Continue to cut calories until you start losing 1-3 pounds a week. After the 1st week if you lost like 5-10 pounds, it could all be water weight so dont get too giddy. I plateaued pretty hard after losing 80 pounds so I went vegan and i've already lost a few pounds and I feel so much healthier so that is always a good path.
Cutting is all about a caloric deficit if you are in a caloric surplus you wont be losing any weight. You need to determine your BMR and factor in your cut. If you are doing cardio i would not cut out carbs completely. How many calories are you consuming a day? How much do you weigh and how active are you? If you need help finding your BMR they have calculators online for you. You can eat whatever you want.
A very simple guideline for cutting; -500 calories under your TDEE(total daily energy expenditure) this is your basal metabolic rate plus whatever you burn from exercise(don't overestimate this, it's very common).
So if you spend 3000 calories a day total, consume 2500 during your cut. Diet is about 80% like previously stated, the rest is training and rest. Macro nutrients are important too, don't kill yourself counting them for now. Just focus on getting enough protein and a decent amount of carbs and fat. Calories in and calories out is very important. Energy balance is what drives lipogenesis and lipolysis( fat store and fat oxidation)

*Warning* Science & Math [ Proceed with Caution ] : 1 lbs of fat is equal to 3500 calories. In order to gain one lbs fat, you have to be in a caloric surplus to equal 3500 calories(over time of course, and i am over simplifying it) If you cut 500 calories every single day, in one week you will have burned 3500 calories (500x7=3500 calories=1lbs fat) It never works out EXACTLY that way, but that's the basic science of cutting. Now by keeping protein intake adequate and focusing on maintaining strength in the gym, you will decrease strength loss and improve muscle retention. If you do it right you could even GAIN muscle on a cut( this is very rare and is usually exclusive to beginers, genetic anomalies i.e. freaks, and those using androgenic anabolic steroids or other compounds) The reason why carbohydrates are important as a macro nutrient is because they are the primary fuel for muscles. Thinks of gasoline as petroleum gasoline, the most efficient and powerful energy source for a car engine. Yes, fat can be used for energy, but it cannot be burned up as quickly and produce the same power and endurance. You need to consume an adequate amount of carbs to fuel your workouts and maintain your strength and energy. Carbs are also important for optimal thyroid function, which affects your metabolism( something we obviously need on a cut) and mood. Fats are important for cell structure and optimal hormone production and most important it makes food taste good. If you cut out too much fat, food will not taste as good. There is no reason a cut has to suck and taste too bland. The reason cutting fat out is recommend is because fat is the most calorically dense macro nutrient. It has the highest amount of energy PER gram than any other macro. So obviously, if you eat too much fat, you risk upping the calories substantially. That's nutrition/thermodynamics/bodybuilding 101 for you. That's only the very tip of the iceberg.
Incorrect... Lean ground turkey is 99 percent fat free. Making it as lean if not leaner than chicken breast :)
Lean meat, sardines, eggs, maybe a little oatmeal before/after training, protein shakes, vegetables (I love riced cauliflower mixed w/low fat cheese), pb2 for a snack.
you should cut out sugary, high GI food such as white rice, white bread and pasta and replace them with low GI carbs such as brown basmati rice, wholegrains and fruit such as apples and berries.
You first need to define your goals. If you want to gain weight, it is best to add a lot of carbohydrates (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal) and a little protein (eggs, filet). For weight loss it is better to reduce carbohydrates and add more protein. Drink plenty of water. Water helps in two ways