What happens to your AAS gains in the long run?


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Excuse my ignorance again.

If you make significant gains on a certain steroid and your post-cycle therapy is good enough to keep most, if not all your gains, what happens to that muscle over the next ten years? This is presuming that you continue to eat well, train hard and not do Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) again.

What triggered this off is my own personal goals which I feel I may need to take steroids for in several years time (see thread 'That dreaded set of questions') I wouldn't plan on doing many cycles however so I need to know that the gains I make are with me if continue to push the iron hard.

It has also been suggested to me that several actors have cycled for certain roles. In my mind is Ed Norton in 'American History X', he was pretty big and cut for that (possibly not by your standards!) but he deflated again. Tom Cruise is another name that has been mentioned to me. What do you guys think?
You CAN keep most of your "lean" gains with proper post-cycle recovery, continued eating habits, and "progressive" training.

That's what it's all about partner; being committed, consistent and progressive.

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Dr is correct...i was at one time fearful of losing my gains...i have found through continueing my training, and trying to continue on my diet etc...i have been able to maintain very well...including correct after care....i have found, i have lost the bulky look, but i have maintaing the muscle, look leaner and i have really not lost anyhting in the strength catagory....but, i have noticed my wind getting better....

I have managed to keep my gains over the years. Even with a long lay off after my car accedent I was able to get back to where I was before I had to stop training.
if your diet and training are truely in order, you can continue to gain new muscle mass after a cycle. i dont think there is a whole lot of people here who truely waited to reach tehre genetic potential to juice. i say that because its not possible to be at that point in your early to mid 20's. i dont even think you can truely reach a full genetic potential thers always a wayt to improve. gains may slow drasticaly but i dont think you can ever get to a point where new gains become impossible, that is untill your natty test begins to decline. that being said you should be able to maintain most if not all your gains from a cycle, expecialy if its a first and maybe even continue to gain afterwords. now of course if you juiced and are over your genetic potential, then you will not be able to hold on to that extra level of muscularity. but the good news is your genetic potential is much higher than most realize