What is needed to shoot up?

I don't know if I am totally sure of what you are asking, however I will take a (wait for the pun) stab at it.

You will need alcohol swabs, syringes, and two different gauge needles. One gauge for drawing, like 18-20g, and one for injecting, like 23-25g. The injecting needles can be from one to one and a half inches.

Also, you will want to know the sites to inject and what to be cautious of, how to aspirate, why to do it, etc., etc.

Go look for some of the websites that have pictures on where to inject and all that. Something like this site http://www.elitefitness.com/members/2thick/
And while I agree QMoney needs to do some more research, I think it's great that he has a forum to ask questions like this and get answers. I remember before I took my first shot, I was scared out of my wits with visions of abscesses, shooting into a vein, pain, etc. Boards like this one are what enabled me to go ahead with some sense of certainty about what I was doing.

And it's almost just as easy to answer these kinds of questions as it is to say use TFSE, the fucking search engine, like they do on some sites. That kind of attitude really isn't conducive to the exchange of knowledge.
I just didnt understand what needles to use and I didnt know what an amp breaker was and I was wondering if I would need it. Trust me, Ive done alot of research. I dont think anyone does this sort of thing without thinking about it throughly