What is NYC?

Anabolic Fitness made the original NYC from what i understand. It stands for Norephedrine, Yohimbe and Caffeine. Alot of people like the results better than ECA and less side-effects
What grafix said. NYC is preffered over ECA sometimes because it does not affect the CN as much as ECA and it is suppose to have better fat burning capabilities
I went anabolicfitness.com. looks cool. I will probably order some. I was thinking that yohimburn cream sounds interesting. does it work? and can you take it with the NYC or are they separate?

70w30 said:
Is this stuff gonna be banned as well?If so I gotta stock up

Norephedrine has already been banned for OTC sales if i remember correctly, which is why u can not get it from your local GNC
Eh Fyre I now of two health stores here that have surplus of this stuff .PM me if you are lookin for some of this stuff I,ll give details
Production of Nor-Ephedrine has been banned. However, anyone who has remaining stock is allowed to sell it. NYC is about over but there will be an NYC plus that's about the same. I don't what will happen when that's gone. We can't find anyone else who has stock remaining.
Ephedrine-hcl is still legal in the US and Canada. Can only get 8mg tabs in canada though, so I get vasopro from the states.
Everybody uses NYC....I do the same but use ephedrine hcl instead of norephidrine.....why would that be LESS potent since ephedrine hcl is more potent?