What the fuck....I ain't feelin' my CLEN!!!


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hey felles I have jumped on some clen. Doing the regular 2 on 2 off and I am doing 100mcg/ed and this is my first time ever using it and I don't feel anything. Should I have some patience or do I go some bum shit?
I think everyone responds differently to clen. Some peple do fine off of 40 mcg a day while others can go at or past 200 mcg. Personally, I think the E/C/A stack is far superior
bigtest69 said:
I think everyone responds differently to clen.

bingo... i'm one who can use high doses with no shakes or sides, others, like needsize can get sides with little amounts
AustinTX said:
So, you're saying that the 50 tabs for $4 ISN'T such a good deal afterall????

I wouldn't take them if they where given to me for free. They really really really really suck. But thats my opinion.