what u reakon?too high dosage for me?me aint too sure


hows this baby look?


second cycle thinkin of doing first was 500mg sus week gained 8lb because of tacky diet n not sleepin and basically stupid first cycle errors,lookin to bulk up,not a cutting cycle as maybe u can tell

5,5 160lbs 21


week1-6 dbol 30mg
1-10 500mg deca every sat
1-10 500mg sust 250 nolva 10mg per day

need advice on PCT, got nolva n Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) on hand

need help,is this too much of dosages for me me?i train 4-5 days a week

About Me and my daily eating

morning-wheygain 3 scoops,500ml full milk,1 banana table spoon of flax seed oil,oats, =1150

midmorning- 40g cereals milk =340
banana =100

lunch egg cob =300
tuna =100

3pm flapjack =450

dinner stew
aka big meal =500

b4 gym skake =1150

after gym yogurt,cheese =200

enuf for me on this sorta cycle? calories =4290

critism is welcome just need help thanks

all is welcome

plz help

hobbit sized lad guy
i would split your decca into 250 on a mon and 250 on a thurs...and the decca dose is good enough...500 is good usually people tkat anywhere from 500 to 600 a week..but for your stats its fine...bro
Too much gear, one too many compounds and one wrong compound.

For such a little fella that is as young as you, I wouldnt be doing gear at all, but thats just my opinion. You are using too much gear for your experience level and your size. If you insist on using Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) you should be using just test and only about 500mg per week without using deca. If you insist on using deca in this cycle you shouldnt be using more than 200mg per week. Dont use nolva if you are using deca(i learned the hard way). Use letro or AIFM. And lastly, quit eating like a california fru fru and start eating real food and a lot more of it.
Thats my nice Fred Rogers approach.
yeah ull notice gains with in 24, hours and as a matter of fact up the deca and drop the test, that would be a great cycle.
dcorti01 said:
yeah ull notice gains with in 24, hours and as a matter of fact up the deca and drop the test, that would be a great cycle.

1. Within 24 hours? Huh?

2. Drop the test and up the deca? Huh?
if you choose to use the dbol you should see some effect by the end of the first week and you should feel the effects of it even sooner. The dbol will mask the effects of the other two compounds and since they are slower and, since you havent stacked them before you wont be able to tell which compound is doing what to your body. My suggestion is to wait and grow some more naturally. I think Ive read on here (posted by some wise men) that the most anabolic agent that you can put into your body is food and I whole heartedly agree.