what would you run with tren on your cycle?


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I need opinions.. im doing the 6 weeks with tren.. i will be using prop but not sure how much of it with tren... and i want one other as with it... i heard primo or eq but not eq because i dont wanna run it longer then 6 weeks... help me out here guys...should i just run tren with test prop and my Winstrol (winny) caps ? and i'll be cool ? fill me in on your opinions... thx


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you ran enanthate with it? how much did you run fill me in on your exact cycle please if you dont mind and how you ran it for how many weeks .. thx bud :)


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I ran the enanthate for 12 weeks at 500mg a week
week 1-7 tren 75mg Monday, Wednesday, Friday
week 1-5 propionate 100mg Monday, Wednesday, Friday
week 1-10 winstrol 50mg a day oral

clomid 300mg 1st day, 100mg next 6 days, then 50mg next 7 days
tribulis testeris along with clomid for about a month
nolvadex 20mg a day for a month


quez82 said:
great guys....Biggieswolls I was thinking eq but isnt 6 weeks not long enough?

No, 6 weeks is not long enough for EQ......so it would definitely be better to go with Tren/Prop/Winny!