Whats the first thing you notice when tren/prop kicks in fully?


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is it strenght or just overall better workouts, better pumps? ive never used either i was just curious as to what i should be experiencing.

For me it's:
Mentally, more intensity in the gym, and increased sex drive.
Physically, "cutter" looking, more striations in arms and shoulders and chest.
Never really noticed a difference in pumps.

i am certainly in for a treat then. tren will probably be my savior.
my cycle is like this.

75mgs tren ED
100 mgs prop ED
100 mgs EQ ED
50mgs Winstrol (winny) ED
1 omnadren EW (had a few laying around figured id throw them in there for the hell of it)
75mcgs t3 ED
all this for 10 weeks except the t3

i think it wil be a great cutting cycle. carbs are non existant and my protein intake is over 275 grams a day. also doing low fats. just olive oil, flax, cla, and natural peanutbutter. ill keep posted on my progress 30 mins of cardio in am and pm should also do the trick. im at 15%-16% bodyfat now hoping to go to 10% or so.

unless you frontloaded the EQ, and started a good 3-4 weeks before the rest of your cycle...
i would consider saving the EQ for another cycle.
you will be very happy with the 50/75/100 of winny,prop,and tren!
just my 2 cents!
good luck and god bless!
sex drive is the biggest thing I notice, I contacted the company that made my Prop to see if perhaps they put some viagra in there, lol
i notice the wind blowing. ha ha ha. your cycle looks great. i did a very similar one last year and one the eastern usa's with it. i just think you are over doing it with the t3, be careful because you can permanately shutdown your thyroid