When building broader "bowing ball" shoulders..

I would concentrate on doing laterals to pack as much size on as you can.Width is what you want.
With all body parts I start out with the heavest power type movements. For shoulders I start with military presses then move into bent lateral raise, side laterals and upright rows.
With upright rows I use a wide grip (a little wider than shoulder width). The closer your hands are together the more it will hit the traps. As far a laterals go like eveything else I concentrate on form. If you are using slow controlled movements and not swinging the weight you shouln't hit the traps much at all.
i like military press, laterial raises and bent over raises.

I do laterial raises too fatigue the muscle a little more
2 different things , 1st is pre-exhaust delts with laterals first , then do presses and dumbell upright rows (makes you hold them wider similar to a wide grip on bar) .
2nd , alternate that with your normal SIZE stuff like dumbell and barbell presses & maybe the bar or dumb. upright-rows again .
i like to alternate these because the pre-exhaust kills my delts and gets me training my rotator cuffs more because of it , but thats a good thing .
if i alternate these 2 it is every other week so i have 2 good weeks of each before changing .
now though im just doing 4 to 6 weeks all basic till i take a few days extra rest off and go basics again nice and consistent . im having great results from the information im getting here on steriodology .
What really worked for me was heavy low rep military presses followed by higher rep laterals, I really feel its the combination of compound and isolation movements that make the difference
I find when doing side lateras ,the best results come from not pausing at the bottom of the movement.Just stop short of the rest position at the bottom of the movement.Always keep the weight in motion never pause.This way you are keeping constant tension on your delts.