when to take dbol


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I am takeing 20mg a day. Does it matter when I take them. Of course I want to spread them out over the day. Would it hurt anything if I took them all at once? I work all the time and I am on the road alot. I dont feel like haveing them on me while I am on the road.
split the dosage 3-4 hours apart. dbols half life is only like 4 hours so you wanna keep blood levels stable for best gains. if you dont your hormone levels will fluctuate greatly.
as far as carryin them with you, its only 4 little pills. whats the big deal?? throw them in a tylenol bottle or something if your that paranoid. i put my androlics in an empty alieve bottle. they were about the same color.
Research this bro,

This has been an on-going debate for 35 years. Many prefer the large, single dose andro spike(like Arnold) before workout and others believe in spacing out the doses for a more consistant level.
This is the prob about the transporting it. I work as a corrections officer and I do transports all day long. We are in and out of different cars all day. Thats why I cant transport to easy. I did read that you should take them every 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours.
I carry mine around in a contact lense case. I agree less spike in Dbol levels, means a less spike in estro conversion. Space it out.
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I've taken them both ways. Prior to training and spaced out evenly. I saw no difference in overall results, but prior to training seemed to help the workout.

I wouldn't be suprised if it was just a mental boost though.

I do take letrozol w/ my dbol and it keeps the bloat away. If you do take the full dose prior to training, take the letrozol then also.
My 2 cents only.
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