When to use anti-e/anti-hairloss


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Hey all,
I would appreciate some advice as to which anti-e i should take and when to start using it. I just started my first cycle and I am one week into it. I am usin enantat qv 250, 1cc a week. Also, wondering if and when I should use some anti hairloss stuff like propecia.

One last Q: How legal are anti-e's? and what about propecia, or is that legal. Also I found those links to those liquid sites on one of the mod's signatures and I will most likely be getting an anti-e from one of those websites. On those websites it says that the liquid is not sterile. Is that true? How would i go about sterilizing the liquid?

On just 250 mg of Test/week you are very, very unlikely to need an anti-e.

You will want to have Nolvadex on hand, for that very slim chance you will get gyno symptoms.

I trust you have either Clomid or Nolvadex on hand for post-cycle recovery as well.

As far as the liquid anti-e's go, they are legal for research purposes.
The liquid is taken orally, so sterility is not an issue as if you were injecting them, plus I believe that is another way to get around the legal issue by stating that.
Thanks for the response.

I read a post about how you should take 300mg of clomid a few weeks after your cycle ends, and then 50mg daily after that. Would this also apply with my cycle? And should i even bother with propecia?

I have a microscope ready to research the clomid.

And whats the best way to take clomid and nolva orally? Could someone just squirt it onto some food and eat the food?
Start Clomid therapy 2 weeks after your last shot of Enanthate as follows;
Day 1 - 300 mg
Days 2 - 11 - 100 mg/day
Days 12 - 21 - 50 mg/day

If you get the liquid you just squirt the amount you want to take into your mouth and swallow it.