Whey question...


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So how many protein shakes should a 200lb person be using during a cycle?

At the moment Im going natural, and I have 2 protein shakes a day 1 in the morning and another after my workout.

I know I should be getting about 300g of protein while on a cycle, but how many grams of that should be from whey?

Is 80g enough (2x40g servings) or should I up that to 3 whey shakes a day?
I'm not real sure if it makes too much of a difference how many grams protein come from whey, just as long as you are getting your total daily allotment.

If you are getting 220 from whole food sources, then 80 from whey is OK.

I get 300 grams/day as well, but my ratio is 50/50 whole food/whey