who makes the best test enan..


sean usmc

well looking to find out who makes the best test enan ..or UGL.. companies who dont underdose ...that you know of
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steroids are steroids period. It shouldnt matter who makes it. 250mg of test enanthate is 250mg of test enanthate, and it shouldnt matter what label is on the bottle.

no bro your wrong....lots can be underdosed roids are not just roids...250 mg can be 210..this thread will back me up on this...
BD huh....hmmmmm its brit dispence that sucks ass..right
Generic Supplements UG, heavily overdosed by 50 %.
For human grade, I prefer norma's.
Aburaihan is my second choice, but latest lab reports show they are currently underdosed.
Actually test enanthat is test enanthate as long as the bottle has what it claims in it, then yest it will work the same. If Nutrivet has 250mg test E per CC, and Galenka has 250mg test E per CC then they will both work the same period. It is up to you as a consumer to find and proven and trusted company to go with that will give you what you are paying for.

Are you telling me that blue hearts are better than pink thais? Bullshit if they both contain the same active ingredient then they should work the same period no matter whether the pill is blue, pink, white, or yellow, if they all are acurately dosed and contain the same active ingredien then they will all work the same.

Whether your stuff is acurately dosed or not is up to your source, or yourself to do the legwork, but if the vial claims 250mg and the product contains 250mg then it doesnt matter what is on the outside of the bottle.