Will i need Armidex for this cycle?


lil g

well guys my cycle is gunna be like this

BDL EQ - 600mg/week weeks 1-12
Test (Sust or omna) - 250mg/week weeks 1-12
winstrol (BDL) - 50mg/everyday weeks 6-12

i might switch the test to enthanate or cyp. do you guys think im gunna need armidex to keep the bloat down? the dose of the test is low.
I would switch to s single ester with once a week injections. I wouldnt see any reason for arimidex. Frontload the EQ and Test, and then move the start date of the winstrol back 2 weeks.

EQ-1200mg week 1
Test-500mg week 1
EQ-600mg week 1-11
Test-250mg week 1-11
Winstrol-50 mg ed week 8-14
either way you more than likly wont need it. some people bloat off 200mg of test per week, and some people dont bloat off a gram so its mostly just up to you.
sounds good guys....my last cycle i didnt really bloat from the 250 mg of sust....
multi ester compound s are shit a single compound like enenthate is much more effective if u do deide to do Sustanon (sust) u need 500 to get the effects almost that 250 of enethet would give ya the porp in is usless do its short half life .run the winnstrol 3 weeks past last shotn of eq as it eq take 18-21 days to maetoblise out of u ,u can start clomid right away the shorter the wait the better ,there ya go ...malaka!