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kjay said:
us pharmacueticals 50mg/ml,water base
how often do i inject,, , thanks

From what I've gathered seeing as I've been on the fence on wether or not to start a winstrol cycle or not, is at lest 50mg every other day. With better results when taking 50mg every day.


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i shot Winstrol (winny) EOD and it gave me very likeable results. I find that ED is an overdose of the roid, and furthermore, Winstrol (winny) is not usually used as a base but a synergist to many cycles so i'll aim for below 200mg per week.

I'm not sure about this but i suspect that gains made by Winstrol (winny) are not dose dependent to the extent that it's similar to test.I mean that at the upper range of dosing Winstrol (winny), it does not lead to proportionate gain in muscle unlike deca and test in which more means better.

I take this from experience and from asking another friend of mine who is also a Winstrol (winny) fan.


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I say 2cc's EOD, Firt couple injections will be painfull but it goes away. make sure to be sterile and shake it up really!!!!!!!!1 good


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why not inject 50 eod and drink 50 on the days you dont inject. slightly diff results from both methods, or so i have read.