winny in pill form? dbol,sust...Is my liver ok?


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ive taken dbol for 4 weeks and ran Sustanon (sust) 250 for about 8 weeks plan on running it 12 weeks i have some 50 mg Winstrol (winny) tabs can i take them? In the last few days ive been feeling sharp pains in my lower back, it's real quick, im just hoping it's not my liver or kindneys at what point would i know if im hurting my livers or kindneys?


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recommeded use for d-bol is 4 to 6 weeks to be safe, yet everybody is different (body genetics, tolerance, dosage amount, etc). Some people are on d-bol for up to 8 - 10 weeks but with weekly blood tests, liver tests, etc.

I'm on a test, d-bol, deca cycle right now and just ended my d-bol dosage 5 weeks at 45 mg / day. And will continue the 600mg test/week, 450mg deca/week for another 7 weeks. I started to feel some lower back pains three weeks in the cycle. It was the first time I've used d-bol, and from what I've read these kind of pains happen because of the extreme pumps d-bol causes. I felt these pumps in my lower back, and severly in my calves when I was running.

So, in my opinion, I think these pains are just the muscle pumps you are experiencing right now. My suggestion is not to exceed the use of d-bol for more than six weeks unless under doctor's supervision.

About the Winstrol (winny), it's really not smart to use Winstrol (winny) in the same cycle where you used d-bol since they're both liver toxic. Save it for later. And if you're using bulking Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) such as sus and d-bol it's better to concentrate on gaining the muscle instead of shredding it with something like winstrol.

Get big first...and save Winstrol (winny) for a cutting cycle. That's my say.



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Not everyone responds the same to drugs, some people have high liver values without drinking or doing any drugs prescription or otherwise (fatty livers). You only really know if you get your blood work done.

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ok, here is my 2 cents. I'm not a doctor, but I had bad back "pumps" on Winstrol (winny) (50mg eod)..I was always told the pain was from your liver being taxed, but without specific stuides being done on how these things affect your liver...who knows. I do know my lower back was killing me, and got my blood work done after cycle. My bad cholres. was high and my kidneys were being taxed. That would leave me to believe that the 17aa drugs are a killer on the organs and the "pumps" are more than just that. Again, not a doctor, just personal observation. I'll never do a 17aa again, oral or injectable.


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This is why we always recommend getting bloodwork done before you start gear....during...and after. That way you know what's going on with your body.