winstrol or andriol

Hell, you guys helped me alot.

I just ordered alot of andriol and a little d-bol to increase my strength. But luckily, there's a delay on my part. Maybe I better change that order to all d-bol.

Thanks big time, guys
Andriol SUCKS big time.

I was taking 240 mg/day and I'll tell you this, you'd be better off taking a multi-vitamin, same results and a hell of a lot cheaper.
Ya, don't waste money on andriol, I have never heard of anybody getting jack from it. Also, Winstrol (winny) alone would be alright but you will have some sore ass joints. You sound like you need to do more research first, not a flame, but you don't want to mess up and turn yourself from juice over an ignorant mistake. There is a lot of knowledge here. Stick around and absorb it :)
thanks guys so andro is out and to answer gymchick no i do not want to inject so now that i found a source and doing some research i think i will go with dbol and Winstrol (winny). is that better?
D-ball and Winstrol (winny) is good but harsh on the liver. If you don't know how your body handles 17aa steroids then don't jump into a stack of them. Also take your liver protectants.