Winstrol Tabs?


I'm thinking about doing some Winstrol (winny) tabs for my summer cycle to help cut up a little more. Zambon 2mgs. each, what would be a sufficient amount to take daily?
Here's the deal with Winstrol (winny). If you are lean enough (under 14-15%) You will notice the cosmetic effects (vascularness/hardness)
at 40 mg/day (of good winny) along with dieting and eating pretty clean of course.

I love what Winstrol (winny) did for me!!!! I was about 10% when I started it and I got freaky veins and sub-Q water depleation like a MOFO on 50 mg upjohn ED.

I had to stop because of the joint pain (5 weeks)

Next time I will def use (if I'm NOT on deca):

1)Glucosamine Sulfate

2)Chondroiton Sulfate

3) More Flax Seed oil (I will INCREASE intake to 5 tablespoons/day as opposed to the typical 3 tbs/day for me)

4)MSM (maybe) only in severe cases is MSM needed as this one is basically just an anti-inflammatory whereas the other two actually support repair of ligs/tends).

So, to answer your question........50 mg/ED for 6 weeks (take your liver supps!) will get you pretty lean--HARD!
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Also, post what the other types of gear (if any) you will also be on as these may interfere with the "cosmetic effects" of Winstrol (winny) d/t estrogenic water depositing sub-Q.
Hey Buff: be sure to check out this site:

NEW! GLUCOSAMINE (100gm), CHONDROITIN (66 gm); MSM (134 gm). 300 grams of powder, $15.75 Code 737.3

You would need to run 6 rounded teasopoons/day 2-3 split doses! This product is great and CHEAP!
maybe to help on the cost, tyr some injectable Winstrol (winny) along w/ 20mg of oral Winstrol (winny) a day, i know the available Winstrol (winny) will be a little lower than if u injected, not sure by how much. Maybe try 50mg ed, or 100mg eod of any good brand of Winstrol (winny). Ive only used QV stan 100, but i have also heard great things about PV labs, LFC and supra.
Anyone try the Denkall 10mg. Winstrol (winny) tabs? If they are good I may decide to go with those because they have more mgs, per tab than Zambon.
Actually I'm trying to decide between Anavar or Winstrol (winny). Any suggestions or opinions on which should I choose? Thanks Bros!
I would use some thai stanabols instead just because the are more mg. I can't imagine taking 20 tabs of the zambons per day. That has to make your stomach feel like shit after a while.
Right now I am on a bulk cycle, then I will take 2-3 months off. I will be ready to do a summer cycle which probably will consist of EQ/Test/Fina and D-bol for the first 5 weeks. I would like to add something else in for the second half to help cut up a little more. I would like to do Anavar (var) or Winstrol (winny), but I cannot decide which one to choose. I am pretty lean to begin with and it doesn't take me long to trim down. I am 6'1", about 235LBS, with about 6-7% bodyfat. I want to really be ripped up for the summer though, I don't want to lose mass either.
Shit are already lean!!!!! With Fina/EQ/Test you will be on for the 1st 5 weeks of summer cycle........I'd say:

6-10 Continue the EQ
6-12 Winstrol (winny) 50/mg ED
6-12 Test Prop (low doses!)
6-12 Run some liquidex also to help eradicate even more bodyfat!
PS: Don't forget what I said about the joint Supps!

How about adding some T-3???
Yohimburn DF?????
Maybe some Bromocriptine???? (read on it below)

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Yeah, I am already lean I pretty much keep a strict diet year round, I just wanted to really fuckin' rip it up for the summer!
Yeah DJ I was planning on running a 12 week cycle with the EQ/Test/Fina. The 5 or 6 weeks were going to be for the d-bol at the beginning. The second half I was going to throw in the Anavar (var) or Winstrol (winny) to really rip down some more. I may throw in the liquidex too!