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I have been away from lifting for about 3yrs.
I was a power lifter not a body builder.
I am looking to tone up now and get big/strong later.
I just started lifting again and want to know if anyone has tried this routine and if it works.
50% of max 10,8,6,4,2 rest 5-10sec inbetween to catch breath
dont rack it just catch breath.
I just started this and I know I am really sore.
After my body adjusts to this I plan on repeating with my pre exausted
max. I would repeat up to 3 times.
Like I said I dont care how much weight I lift or how big I get for now.
I know that will come later.

Thanks for your advice and coments


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Me personnally, I would'nt do all burn out sets for getting back into lifting after time off. I would work out normally, with regular sets, building my strentgh while toning.
Example :
Set 1 : 10 reps - rest 90 secs
Set 2 : increase weight 8 reps - rest 90 secs
Set 3 : increase weight 6 reps - rest 90 secs
Set 4 : drop weight (burn out 10 - 15 reps)

Again, this is my opinion, but it has helped me in the times of getting back into it after being forced to break for a while.
Good Luck.

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I have been sore as hell from these sets and was thinking of trying
someting a little easier for the first few months.


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I had to take an extended period of time off (years) to rehab a shoulder injury and when I could train again I came back balls to the wall and quickly became burned out. I had to step back, lower my training volume for about a month or two and just get back into the groove of lifting.


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I would start off slow. Don't get really sore. I started lifting in May after several years off any this is the way I got back into lifting. I would recommend this for anyone who is just starting to lift again or is starting the first time:

Don't go to failure right away,

Day 1: Full body workout 1 set 15 reps
1 exercise for each muscle.
Day 2: Off
Day 3: Full body workout 1 set 15 reps
1 exercise for each muscle.
Day 4: Off
Day 5: Full body workout 2 sets 12 reps
1 exercise for each exercise
Day 6: Off

Now start doing 2 exercises if you wish.

Day 7: Lower 2 sets 12 reps each muscle
Day 8: Upper 2 sets 12 reps each muscle
Day 9: Off
Day 10: Lower 2 sets 12 reps each muscle
Day 11: Upper 2 sets 12 reps each muscle
Day 12: Off

Then start a 3 day split for a week doing 3 sets for a week. Start going to failure on 1 or 2 sets.

Day 13: Push 3 sets 10 reps each
Day 14: Off
Day 15: Pull 3 sets 10 reps each
Day 16: Off
Day 17: Legs 3 sets 10 reps each
Day 18: repeat

After 3 weeks you could be doing 4 sets. After a month you would be able to handle a normal amount and can experiment with your own routines.


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Why dont you continue powerlifting and just focus on eating better , burnout workouts wont get you ripped , lift heavy and decrease caloric comsumption slowly to lose fat and keep muscle mass / energy levels ..........