Would oxsoralen work if you tanned in this bed?


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That page has all the info on the bed. BTW I've used the bed before and it was EXCELLENT. A must try for anyone that fake 'n' bakes.

But I know that oxsoralen works by reacting to the UV in the light. Since this bed filters out most of the harmful UV rays, would oxsoralen still be affective if used in conjunction with this paticular tanning bed?

Thanks guys.

Yes, it will work.
UVB is filtered out and UVA is used for tanning...


..."The combination treatment regimen of psoralen (P) and ultraviolet radiation of 320-400 nm wavelength commonly referred to as UVA is known by the acronym, PUVA. Skin reactivity to UVA (320-400 nm) radiation is markedly enhanced by the ingestion of methoxsalen..."