Would Taking Non Test Roids Still Inhibit Receptor Affinity To A Degree ?


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guys i am just curious........ would two Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) that arent testosterone like deca,eq,dbol effect the HPTA and receptor affinity more than testosterone itself ? persay someone was to hit up a light cycle in the spring/summer say 8wks of 400mgs of deca and 25mgs of dbol a day for 8 wks....... could he recover faster from this than 400mgs of test w/ 25mgs of dbol ? i am comming off a cycle now 10 wks QV cyp 600mgs, 12wks QVEQ 600mgs wk......... and want to try and stay clean till next winter which is about another fucken 11 months so that my receptors are pure for the next cycle which is going to consist of atleast 1 gram of test....... my question is would it make a diff for my receptor affinity if i were to hit up a light 8wker in say spring/summer of like 400mgs of deca and 25mgs of dbol a day then stayed clean from then till the winter ? or would this effect the receptor affinity somehow and would my body not respond as well as if i were to stay clean from now till the winter straight....... I hope i stated this question clearly it sounds a little confusing help please
I really don't know much about receptor affinity, however I can assure you that deca will shut your hpta down harder and faster than anything else. Recovery is much faster if you take test derivatives vs. 19-nortest derivatives.

And I only know of one androgen receptor, so I don't see how taking deca would differ from taking test when talking about receptor affinity and activation.
Good point TX, deca does shut you down much harder then test.
To me the only difference would be if you take low dosages then you would recover faster I think, compared to high dosages which I think would take a longer for your receptors to recover. It also depends how long you will be on.
I believe those are derivitives of testosterone. That being said, I can think of no logical reason that they would have any less effect on the hpta axis.

If you want to use a nandrolone, and faster recovery is your goal, dont use decanate, which takes a while to clear the system.

I dont buy into the whole receptor downregulation stuff. Receptors are being replenished all the time. Any way though, by 11 months you should be ready to go!

I dont think (no matter what the receptors really do) you will notice any difference on your winter cycle either way.

If you think that you will get better gains off 1g of test, then perhaps first you should try adding some proviron and see how that goes.
its not the half-life of deca that causes the extreme HPTA shutdown... its the nature of nandralone... trenbolone does the same thing and as well all know, it has a very short ester.
rj420 said:
its not the half-life of deca that causes the extreme HPTA shutdown... its the nature of nandralone... trenbolone does the same thing and as well all know, it has a very short ester.
i agree with rj on this and i also dont think receptor downregulation is a big deal , i think a lot of people mistake downregulation with reaching a plateau caused by passing their natural limit , or their added mass has caused their protein requirements to increase and they are still taking in the same amount , or maybe they have become lax in their training , eating or sleeping the farther into the cycle they get and maybe some of the party hounds cant stand it any longer and :40oz: well you know , my point is that there are a lot of reasons that gains slow or come to a stop and its just been easier to blame receptor downregulation than ourselves , then again WHAT THE HELL DO I KNOW :p
I don't really believe in the receptor thing. as mentioned above...the receptors are always being replenished. So I don't see how that light cycle would affect much at all. I think the main reason people say take a lot of time off is because you need to get your natural test kicking again before you suppress it. And then they get it confused with a plateau and other reasons mentioned by DADAWG.

IMO I'd run the cycle over the summer...it'll probably help you out more than anything.

good luck!