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Ever thought about.......Calf Implants?

(Relax flamers!.....I'm JUST throwing out some info! :D)

Calf implants are actually not very new. Like breast implants, the procedure is several decades old. Bodybuilders make up a large percentage of calf implant patients, as this muscle is notoriously hard to develop with inferior genetics. Black athletes in particular seem to have an especially arduous time building up the calves, due to higher muscle insertions. Nearly everyone with great calves is gifted with very low insertions, close to the ankle, meaning that there are many more muscle fibers capable of growing. With higher insertions, nearer to the knee joint, there are just not many muscle cells in the first place. It is almost unheard of for someone with terrible, 'high' calves to ever build them up to impressive proportions. Just a couple years ago, prior to the Mr. Olympia contest, Shawn Ray challenged IFBB head honcho Wayne DeMilia to investigate Flex Wheeler for calf implants, as his calves had dramatically improved over the past two years from mediocre to excellent. An MRI showed that whatever Flex had done to his calves, it wasn't implants. Arnold Schwarzenegger is another famous bodybuilder that has been accused of having them, though almost everyone knows the legend of how Arnold only started truly training his calves correctly after visiting Reg Park in South Africa. Arnold returned to Venice Beach and cut all of his workout sweats into knickers so that he was constantly reminded of his poor calves. If Arnold did have implants put in, they were certainly superior in appearance to nearly all the calf implants we see today.

To be sure, there are indeed many bodybuilders today who have opted for calf implants after giving up on bringing their actual calves up to par. Typically, implants are a cinch to spot. Most calf implants have a look to them that singles them out as artificial. Either they are too big for the rest of the leg, too round, they stick out to the sides too much, or they constantly look flexed, even when the owner is standing with both feet flat on the ground. One guy at my old gym got calf implants that were believable in size, but the shape was as if a raquetball had been shoved under his real calves. Once in a while, in an effort to 'throw us off the trail,' he would do a few sets of calf raises. In his case, nobody bought them as genuine. Of course, when expert surgeons with a great deal of experience perform the surgery (for those willing to pay for quality), the results are usually much more natural-looking.

The Calf Implant Procedure

Calf implant surgery is an ambulatory, or outpatient, procedure. This means that you go home when it's finished. The implants themselves come in varying sizes and are made of a solid but pliable inert material. The most common brand name used is Silastic. There is always an initial consultation wherein the doctor determines what an appropriate size would be for the individual, based on their overall size and proportions. The goal is always for the implants to look as if they actually belong in that particular body. Just as 100-pound strippers with 36 DDD breast implants look ridiculous, so would a 150-pound man with a runner's build look bizarre sporting 20-inch calves. Anesthesia can be either sedation or full general anesthesia. A small incision is made in the crease behind each knee, and a pocket is formed beneath the muscle fascia. What happens next depends on whether the degree of enlargement is average or excessive. If it is a standard procedure, with average-sized implants, two implants are placed in each leg over the heads of the gastrocnemius. If a large degree of enlargement is desired, as is often the case with massive 220-pound plus bodybuilders wishing for calves that match their physiques, tissue expanders are inserted. These are balloon-like devices that can be gradually increased in size over several weeks. This enables the tissue to slowly stretch to a size that would not be possible all at once. Once the desired size is achieved, the expanders are removed and replaced by the actual implants. The average price for calf implant procedure is about $5,500. Unless you lost your calf muscle in an accident, the surgery is considered elective and not covered by medical insurance.

Recovery And Risks

There is, as you would expect, significant pain following the operation until the body adjusts to the pressure of the implants inside the lower leg. Bed rest is advised for the first few days, with walking being introduced very gradually afterward. During the adjustment stage, walking on top-toes or in high heels is most comfortable. (Just try to find a pair of nice pumps in a men's size 12, though. Lotsa luck!) You can return to training the upper body in a week, and start working the legs again lightly in three weeks. By six weeks, you should be easing back into full-bore heavy training for the legs. As in all surgical procedures, infection is a possibility. Other possible complications from calf implants include shifting of the implants, bruising, and rarely, muscle weakness. The majority of complications arise when patients resume activity levels too soon, before the implant is solidly healed in place. Bodybuilders are especially prone to do this, as most are paranoid about missing any amount of training. Keep in mind that nearly all bodybuilding federations ban calf implants, so only non-competitors should consider filling out their gastrocs artificially.

I think it is a bad idea. I have also seen a website with pec implants. I think you should just work with what you have. Arnold had shitty calves, but he managed to build some pretty impressive ones. Not every calf routine will work for you. You just have to experiment until you find something that works for you. I think implants are taking the easy way out. It is called BODYBUILDING, not BODYBUYING!
There's a VERY FINE LINE between chemical/hormonal enhancement and physical enhancement.....don't fool yourself! It's all got to do with bettering oneself! In a word: VANITY!

AS: enhancing/manipulating your hormonal proifle to supraphysiological levels to achieve something NOT otherwise possible! UN-NATURAL!!!

Implants: enhancing your appearance to make up for something lagging, again....otherwise not possible. UN-NATURAL!!!

Assuming one has exhausted all efforts to achieve a better appearance, what's the difference?

Am I alone in this thinking????
The only differrence is that when you're steroids you grow. When you get implants, all of a sudden in 2 weeks your weakest bodypart becomes your strongest. I think they look out of place on most of the guys I know that have them.