Yo!!!! You guys here? Who is still around?


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I've seen OMM around here a little bit. Not as much as before though. Don't see too many other bros that from years gone by. Any mods still around? How bout Milton?....you around bro?

I've posted a few questions to try and stir conversations. I know when I first started I read a whole lot before I joined and contributed. Hoping some bros cruise through and see a post about a question that they too would like answered. Anyway.....hope everyone is kicking ass and staying healthy even with all the covid bull goin on. Anyone have any stories they'd like to share about the challenges of working around covid and still hitting the gym?

Hope to see yall around. Until then... Lift big and get big!!!
Hey brother I poke my head in here occasionally

Really shocked this was one of the busiest forums for 15 years