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  • Hey man, I'm pretty sure you want to here what I got to say, I found a pic of you online with your face on it, message me back for the link
    Whats up man, I cant PM yet but I have a couple questions about this cycle im about to run. Ill be running sus 500, dbol 30, and deca 350. Sus for 15wks and deca for about 12. My question is if I run adex at .5eod the whole way through, do you think ill still be susceptible to prolactin cuz of the deca? I know its hit or miss with deca and prolactin on people and some on here have said if you keep estro down, prolactin has a harder time building, etc. What do you think?
    Hi dear. Welcome in the Steroidology familly.
    Whats up chief? happy new year. I was doing some more reading, my next cycle is going to start in a couple of months and I was wondering why test e over tren? Wouldn't tren be making the muscles harder?
    Looking awesome bro, eventually I want to get big like you. I'm going to try the cycle you post Test/deca/drol. This would be my second cycle. DO you think you could give me a run through of how you do it. Androl 50 1-4wk / Primo 500mg 1-14wk / deca 3-14? Does that sound about right? Also should I take HCG throughout the cycle? or milkthistle? If you already answered this in a post let me know and I'll search for it some more. Thanks.
    U look awesome damn! I prefer to take hgh injections i have dbol and winny tablets and have taken them before but yhey gave me terrible headaches so i stopped.. i am almost tempted to restart the cycle in lower dose but i am indecisive. Right now i am popping animal pak vitamins and animal test along with oral igf hgh spray. I am 42 years old i lift weights do cardio and train hard in mma as well as coach others. I am 5'11 and weigh 240. My question to you is where can i find quality hgh injections...i prefer this over the hidden dangers of anabolics especially at my age. I have noticed that the hgh oral spray allows me to sleep and feel rested when i awake and i have notice a younger appearance so has my fiance after thirty days. I feel stronger and still bench 320 twice. Please help me if you can. I think that the hgh injectable will grant what i am looking for. I also want to retain and and or increase my test without having shutdown from anabolic steroids.
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