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  • Hey! I just read your thread about your top 3 essentials, and I've already went ahead and ordered some NAC for liver support. I'm 22, and this is gonna be my 3rd cycle with about 500 mg's of tren a week, 250 mg's of test prop, and 60 mg's of var for about 8 weeks total (4 weeks on the var). I was wondering would 1200 mg's of NAC suffice for liver support or would you take 1800? Thanks!!
    Just wanted to say thanks for the research and threads you put out, very helpfull and intelligent. Thanks for all your hard work. Keep it up we need you!!!!!
    Unfortunately my privileges aren't extended to pm's yet so I have to resort to replying on here to you haha. Thank you for the kind words and I think we talked a bit before on my original account. I agree its refreshing seeing science and knowledge being put to use besides simply anecdotal "my bro said it worked for his neighbor's cousin's best friend" lol. You're posts always catch my eye so don't think I'm e-stalking lol, I just like reading articulated correct thoughts than some jibberish.

    Anabolics wise I'm only on this forum, but I'm on a few bodybuilding/strength training forums, car forums, math forum, etc. all under the same original name docd187. I'm not as active a poster as I am on here on some others but here I feel like I'm one of a select few who puts health and well being above solely gains
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