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  • Im not totally against you running a cycle i only suggest you do more research and become familar with the lingo and terms and practices of this lifestyle. Lets talk more email me from a safe-mail.net account(its free) and we can talk more in depth and ill point you in the best direction with the best advice. Lets do this right bud. naturalstate2011@safe-mail.net ttyl
    Whats up man? What sport do you play? I also played college ball at arkansas tech. There are diffrent types of steroids and they will all have different potential for different sides(gyno,erection problems,lethargy, etc) test(Testosterone) will always be the base of every cycle now your base could be as low as 200mg per week up to thousands of milligrams or grams in some peoples case. So test is Testosterone. The reason that should be your first cycle is bc you need to know how test is going to work with your body, is it going to give you gyno?(titties) Is it gonna give you test flu?(a sick like flu symtom few people get from synthetic testosterone) You need to know how to combat these issues you may get from different steroids if you stack multiple steroids how will you know what is causing what? To combat these sides from different steroids you have to use different protocols.
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