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  • Just wanted to say great log on the S4!! I wasn't able to handle the vision sides couldn't see shit when the light changed from bright to dark.
    i am not an expert on AAS, but based on my experience i would say yes, run it with PCT. in my case i gained muscle and lost fat while on S4. in some cases though it showed that the test was slightly suppressed, but in high does like 150-250mgs per day. i believe 50mgs per day your test will be fine. best of luck with everything...
    Hey, I'm new to the forum but I've been around the game for a while. I see you experimented with S4. My dilemma is that I'm currently running 500mg Test E/ week and 400mg EQ/week. I was asked about doing a show at the end of March. I'm currently at the end of week 9 of my cycle. I planned on running it for 15 weeks. The EQ for 14 and the Test for 15 then starting my PCT week 17. PCT consisting of aromasin nolva and clomid as well as primordial performances test recovery stack. I've also been running HCG @ 250iu's 2x/week and Arimidex @ .25mg E3D.

    Now the question is do you think that it would be a dumb idea to be dieting during my pct for this show (8 week diet) or could I run S-4 at 50mg/day during my pct (which would start Jan 24th) and up to the show (March 29th)?

    I read that you said S4 did not supress your nat test at all. DO you think it would be good to run it along with my pct while dieting?
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