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  • Just ordered me H-drol on eBay and now buying n2Guard or its website i ready your post and taking your advise. I play football and we workout 4 days a week and i do my own after workout as well i weigh 180 pounds now and i need to hit 200-220 by the season but i need more inside advice i didn't really understand that one that good.

    Q1 - How many h-Drol and n2Guard a day should i take and before workout or after or just how during lunch or dinner before eating

    If you have a phone number and advise me through this would be helpful if not i understand for privacy etc lmk though thanks.

    I also eat allot adding on to that
    Man you don't know how reassuring this is haha. So i looked at some more products and i was wondering if you could give me some input on this new cycle i thought of:

    Cycle: (4 weeks)
    Helladrol 2 caps every day
    Organ Shield (idk the dosages just yet)
    Omega 3 fish oil tabs/multi vitamins

    PCT: Clomid (idk the dosages hopefully you can tell me)

    and do i need any forma? or should clomid take care of it?

    Like i feel like a baby asking this of you, but if you could set me up a cycle based on your knowledge and the products i stated. this would be deeply appreciated.
    Hey man i saw some of your replies on some threads in terms of pro-hormones and i was really considering giving it a try, I've done my research in terms of On cycle supps and pct. I was just wondering if i could get a second opinion before i actually start.

    On cycle:
    1-4 Helladrol 20mg ed
    Milk Thistle
    cycle support

    Would forged post cycle be sufficient or would i need other things as well?

    I'm a first timer and have not used any supplements that have to do with hormones. Can you give me any advice?
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