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  • Just watched your video from bad UG lab gear - not going to lie almost sh!t my pants - and now I'm very skeptical as to use my source anymore. I use to deal with naps but my last order got seized (Canadian) and they now have a no re-ship policy so didn't want to go through that again. Are you familiar with Canadian UG Labs and would you be able to validate my source ?
    newbie and cant PM yet...It will be a 7weeks till my next cycle but i would buy early for 35% off.
    Who do I PM? You?
    do we need to pm you to get the discount before Jan. or somehow pm Naps?

    hey i've been trying to find some way to get you a PM for the past couple of days, for some reason the forum hasn't allowed it (probably because of my post count) I was wondering if there was any chance you could send me the discount code for NAPS?

    thanks (and sorry i couldn't do this via PM)
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