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    hey ive seen your comments on a few fourms bro you seem to know what your talking about
    i just ordered Testosterone Cypionate - 20mls x 250mg/ml and 50mg Anadrol pillsx 50 pills, i also got clomid for after, but is this enough to cycle i havent cycled them befor i am 18 and 195 pounds ( not very strong) but i work at it cant seem to be getting stronger
    how would i go about cycling them?
    I apologize again for the var dosage. but a mod did say .125mg per pound. I do not like spouting off useless info.... Best of luck with your cycle... I am 5 weeks in to mine, just started var 6-7 days ago.50mg per day only....
    Hey man I just saw this message sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It all depends on how you react to the test. Some people don't put much water on, others blow up like a balloon. I think with the tren you should put on some lean mass. That's a good a good stack though.
    hey bro ...well i finally came to the cocclusion im taking test enan with tren ace for a short cycle.....because the test e is a longer ester right and the water rentention is somewhat high so tren will cut and rip even bulk along with the mass gained by test..e ...make sense?
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