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  • i just read your thread for newbies, Man! tons of info, i actually printed it out because my eyes hurt from reading it on screen haha, just wanted to say thanks for throwing that up there extremely helpful
    Hey, I have had a source for a while now. He was getting me Oxide labs gear and Strango Labs gear. But, my source hasnt been very reliable lately. I used to get gear off UncleZ. Is the gear off there good quality? Also, I need to find another source pretty soon, Im low on test. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
    i just bought d-bol and test 250>> and nolvadex for the gynoglasmia side effect. i have been working out now for 5 years and im ready to take it to the next level> i have taken taken test and decca before i am vry serious now about doing it right >>please tell me how to do it right and how many calories i should intake a day>>i am very seriouse about this and i would realy appreciate the advice>sincerly texas boy
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