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  • Damn Bro, now thats a picture(euroking) that product is coming down south and if you didn't mind giving me your two cents on what you think about that D-pharma
    Hei Bro ! Contact me please, have tried to get in contact with you, but youre mail is not working and long time to see on msn.

    Best regards youre good friend "Nord"
    I am new here and was referred to you for some info. I am currently training in Portugal and received some Diamondtropin as a gift from a friend who is also a professional fighter. I haven't started using it cuz I only received it today and started to research it online. I would like to know where I can purchase more to see if the price I will eventually be paying my friend is reasonable or not. If you can assist me and tell me where I can get Diamond Pharma products I would be greatful
    I'm looking for a source Diamond Pharma
    who can help me?

    call me for msn:jr007@hotmail.fr
    hey bro can you hit me up on my secure email dlcj53@hushmail.com ?
    I have a question about diamond pharma
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