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  • I'm a bad motherfucker cause the good die young
    Everybody selling dreams, I'm too cheap to buy one
    Man, when that cookie crumble, everybody want a crumb
    Shoot that hummingbird down, hummingbird don't hum
    Yea, big money, big money, deep pockets
    Money talks, and motherfuckers eavesdropping
    Bunch of bloods, you could call it blood clottig
    That was someone else who posted that about eating brother. But the fact that you just said " I eat a lot" leads me to think your diet is not where it needs to be. I use to think the same thing until I really learned about diet and how to eat. It was a night and day difference.
    dont have enough post to pm you yet. but yeah man i live off of brian in offallon. i be traveling alot barely ever home
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