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  • The answer is simple. The difference between a steroid cycle and androgen therapy is the amount taken. With androgen therapy it is doctor prescribed for a deficiency and doses are titrated by the doctor to target total testosterone levels that are in the eugonadal range.

    When optimal testosterone levels are achieved this reduces your risk of CVD and metabolic syndrome.

    When levels are kept in the supra physiological range, all health data changes and goes in a negative direction.

    TRT doesn't have to be forever. There are many men that choose to stop TRT for one reason or another. The problem is people get the impression they can supplement testosterone and then recover to a higher natural testosterone level than before, and this is not the case.

    Hope this helps.
    rikta had great questions, the same questions I have. Any chance you answer them for me also?
    Thank you.
    Hey Todd

    Just a quick question...can you explain the difference between being on TRT and being on a test e or c cycle? Why TRT is for life even at low doses plus no PCT is required and test on high dose 500/w generally followed by a PCT can be cycle off ? I kinda have an idea but I would love to hear ur explanations.

    Tnx man
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