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  • AI - letro will dry u the fuck out ur gunna have to regulate it by looking at yourself in the mirror. .25 e3d maybe

    pct start 2-3 weeks after pn
    clomid 50 i split 25am and25pm 1st week 50 twice a day
    didnt use nolva hate that shit
    hey dood
    yes i do unless ur gear is underdosed. be patient ive done a lot of shit and i wish someone told me less is more. u can bump it to 300 or 400 after 2 weeks if u want.
    Hey Jack

    Im just looking to find someone that will help out a little. So you really think 250mg/wk of test is a good enough cycle? also ive read to start taking my AI during BEFORE anything happens, what dosage of Letro should i take? and what would my clomid PCT dosages be 2 weeks after last pin?

    thanks bro
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