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  • haha yeah he did, he mentioned if you were in prison with him him and his buddies would use and abuse you. I saw it somewhere else where he was bragging about it...not something I would brag about lol
    Haha he didnt say it, I saw a bumper sticker that said it. Was going to post the pic but decided not to haha. Google it, its priceless
    Shit is going too sick bro. Tren had be feeling on high while the dbol has me pumped out like stupid and I'm up 13 pounds. How you looking?
    Yea it's actually a lil much, my shoulders feel like they're gonna burst inside. Had to wait a bit like 5 mins or so till it chilled out so I could do shrugs. How's the rest of your cycle going?
    Been getting really wicked shoulder pumps on the dbol. Did you ever get em bad? I never got the lower back pumps. Just insane shoulder ones when doing side raises..
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