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  • hey bro, first of all i would recommend not running an ai and getting your e2 checked on cycle. AI is something you don't need if you don't need it. a lot of people will use it, not really be eating that clean, and start bumping it up when they see some bloat which is brought about by their diet. then they push their e2 too low and don't understand what's going on. i'd say get on if your bloods show it (you can get e2 checked pretty cheaply and i think it is worth it at least the first time), or if you start seeing signs of it. signs are excessive bloating, gyno, etc.
    i can't pm back... thought it was 50 posts to be able to pm but i guess not. feel free to hit me up at:

    highflyerjay@gmail.com and i'll get back to you on that stuff you pm'd about.
    hey bro thanks for the input and i do thank you for the invite on need advice so if i got any more questions ill ake you,and thanks agine.
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