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  • ive have read alot of articles that say to take half GH in morning like you say in point 2, but to also half pre-workout not post workout?

    Could you explain the benfits of taking post rather than to pre-workout?

    Also you mention in the fourth and final point "The fourth and final method of hGH is for competitors looking to lose the maximum amount of fat, or for any athlete looking to lean up. For this type of use, I recommend taking 4-6iu first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, about ½ hour before doing a morning session of cardio, or before your first morning meal. You will create an optimal environment for burning fat all day long. You will want to use t3/t4 in conjunction with this cycle to further aid in fat loss, as well as the down-regulation of thyroid output.

    how come it isnt split into 2 injections. heard that GH works best in multiple shots like u mentioned in point 2. Does final point utilise fat better by doing all 4-6ius 1st thing on morning?
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