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  • Do you have any idea If this will actually work for me in all of your studies? And as well growing taller, do you think I could also make good muscle gains if I cycled HGH with IGF -1 at the same time? I know that these two somewhat 'steroids' are a lot safer to use and work in a different way to other ones like 'test e' and 'dbol' which is why I will not use those ones until I am about 25 years old to let my body do its thing and complete its growing.
    And last but not least should I first do a plain HGH cycle, and for my second one include both HGH and IGF-1?

    Thank you so much for reading I have tried to make what I have typed as clear as I can with my limited knowledge, if anyone has experience with these two steroids it would be awesome to get a reply
    As I said I am only 20 and I still hope I have more natural growing to do because I would like to boost whatever chance I have of growing taller before the ends of my bones harden and I can no longer get any bigger which will be at the end of puberty. I still have acne, which is a good sign that I am still going through puberty. Now, I have heard that HGH is what is prescribed to dwarfs and short people to increase their overall growth so that they can live normal lives. Does this mean that someone like me who is still going through puberty could still have a chance of growing taller if I went on a cycle of HGH? I am quite short and if I could grasp this chance to grow taller before it is too late and puberty is over for me than I would absolutely within a heartbeat do it.
    Hello everyone, Im 20 years old and have been working out for 3 years naturally.
    I dont think I am ready for steroids such as Test, Deca or dbol ect as I am still young and have many years to grow. It seems that these steroids have some bad side effects if abused and can also stunt growth in young users like me. As well as muscle growth this is not my main reason for the question.
    hey johnny im new to this can you tell me how can i make threads or even answer them cuz i got serious questions i gotta ask!
    Hey Johnny first off really sorry to bother you but you seem to be a bit of an oracle and im desperate !... basically im 20 and although i greatly appreciate the opinion of all the more experienced guys such as yourself that says you gotta do years in the gym before starting a course i feel i need to... im a really late developer (hardly any facial hair etc) haha and i have a super fast metabolism, ive done 18 months in the gym and can only seem to put on really lean muscle and im tired of looking like a boy amongst men !
    ive read lots about test only cycles but i have 2 problems: will i keep my gains ? and also the guy ive spoken to about getting the test seems to want the amount in ml (milli-litres) ive explained that i plan on doing 4-500mg of test per week for 12 weeks but he insists on having the total amount of test required in ml :/ im really confused... PLEASE HELP ME ! i worship u guys thanks so much.
    Hello JohnnyB,
    I used to runn on anabolicreview in 2003,(Jacko), I spoke to Nathan mainely
    and would like to PM you if you don not mind'. Thank you.
    It has been awhile since i've been back and good to see people like JohnnyB on here, always educated replies and on his game'....
    hello johnnyb i read some of your posts and you seem really knowledgable, and i was just curious if i could ask you some questions thanks
    hello sir johnny im trunks i read ur article or post about anavar and its so interesting .but still not fully understand i have anavar with me right now and u said ill will work alone right? and i have to take it 30-50mg aday ? this will be my first use pls guide me im 30yrs ,87kg,5'11", proper diet, going to 3 years in tranning i do take supplements like celtech ,serious mass, just now i finish my mutant mass 12lbs, but not happy with result i just want to lose my lower belly mostly on sides and my soggy chest it has form but looks like pointed around the nipple doesnt look hard, pls give me some technic or advice with it. i can send my pics to u for ur reference ill be glad for your soonest response more power
    im new to the site and considering using Wintrol. After doing some research ive found that winthrol with clenbutrol would be a good way to shed some fat and tone up? what are your thoughts?
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