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  • Hey just wanted to say I saw your logs and the 2006 var pics? I think it was

    Compared to the 2007 test pic is a HUGE Change.

    Love your approach..keeping it simple - going slow - trying to think it all out and plan

    Good luck

    Guess you get a shit load of PMS because you have that shit turned off Lol
    Hi, bro!I've read your logs and find them very usefull!I want to ask you did var ot tbol gave you any hair loss.I'm planning on running them both in mixed caps 20mg/day.How did you mix spiro with nizoral shampoo?
    Hey I was reading a post you made: "Next time buy powders then you can at least do a melting point test. I just brought 10g and it probably cost less then 1bottle of your gear....sorry it does't help much but next time think about buying powders." and I just wanted to get you opinion. I have a connection that is selling 5g of Oxandrolone at a really good price but they don't list the manufacturer. The site is supposed to be a reputable site and they only sell powders. Is there any way to test the purity of these powders? I'd appreciate any other advice you have. Thank you for you time
    hey man,
    new to the forum!! great reading you logs very insightful!!! helped me alot thanks for doing them. reps man!!!!! i have abit of knwoldge of aas so im not a complete newbie!! but if you could message me or leave a vistitor message on my profile as i can not mail yet that would be great to tlk to you. as i have a few questions and i think you could really help me along!!! MPB/thin hair wise as i am similar to u not bald but thining and would like to get buff whilst also lokkiing out for my hair.. cheers man hope to hear from you soon.
    hey, got sum new pics frm my comp if u wana see.

    let us kno wot think, oh ignore the legs. there pics of our members
    hey lucky,
    I'm not so Lucky lately!
    Left my wife, lost my job, and had three bone fragments removed from my elbow. One was a centimeter long. How about you ?
    it was pretty consitant but possibly after week 10 I was so much stronger that gains may have come quicker due to me lifting heavier.
    During what weeks or after what week did you get your biggest gains. I just hit week four of test e about 350 a week. Up 6 pounds so far.
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