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  • For sure! That's smart! Im def not asking you for any so I apologize if that's how my question came across. im just curious if they are any good! I've been trying to read as much info on here as I can! Its basically all I do now days when im not in the gym or cooking food lol. I just had reconstructive shoulder surgery last year so im just stoked to be back in the gym again! I was gunna do a show last year then I fucked up my shoulder so now I have to start all over lol. Sucks but im young and got nothing but time on my hands!
    So I just tried pming you but it wouldn't let me. Idk why but I had a question for you about BD. I've been using them for years and I've heard they are really underdosed?! I've also heard pinnacle is good. Do you know anything about them?
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