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  • Hey man,

    I've heard all around that your the man to talk to. If you dont mind could you give me some advice on pct for this cycle im about to do. Im gonna do a 600mg eq / 200mg test cycle (for boxing) for 16 weeks. If you could spare the time to help me out I really would apreciate it pal.

    Im 21, 6 foot and 164 lbs. This will be my first cycle. I know its a little risky coz im young but im deffo going through with it so any tips would be big help :).

    thanks man cya
    Hey needto. I'm 31 and somewhat new to this PH world. I wanted to try Beast, but I heard its too harsh to the body. I'm thinking of buying Dieselbolan stack instead. Do you recommend this for gaining mass while losing a little bit of fat?? I just want to build mass and bulk up. Also, do I need any serm for this?? Thanks a lot.
    Needto, would really like to get some info from you. Not banned, but it says i don't have permission to send you a pm. not sure if that's because I'm new or not. Is the email link in the contact info a reliable way of getting in touch?
    Just a simple quick quick regarding the formastanzol. Im currently in a test cycle, I've got novla on hand, but getting ready to reorder some anti-estrogen. Is this product intended to by used for the treatment of sore, puffy nipples, that occurs from test cycles?
    Guys it works a lot better if you send me a pm .. But if you really want I can just talk with you in here lol..
    Hey Needto, my name is Dean and I just started my PCT with your products (HC Generate, Bridge, Unleashed, Forged Post Cycle and just got some forma stanozolol today. I am already loving your products after a week and dont see the need to ever use clomid, Nolvadex, HCG again. I was reading about RS-Transaderm and liked everything I have heard about it but wanted to see if adding it would have any effects because forma stanozolol seems to be very similar. I also saw Sustain-Alpha which was another product I was interested in. Would adding these increase my libido even more or would I only need one of them? I am 41 and at this point in my life, my sex life with my wife and my personal health is way more important that being huge. I like to be muscular but not huge. If you do recommend either Sustain-Alpha and/or forma stanozolol, do you have any discount codes for them? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but Im trying to educate myself as fast as possible.
    Hi need, my name is Brandon. I have tried a few different products through the times. I wanted to order from pp the androlean. I want to lose all the body fat i have left an lean out. I was wondering if you could supply me with a coupon code for there site. Thank you, you can email me at or call 518-527-7691 would like to hear some feedback on the product if you have any also.
    Im not looking to go full blown because they are illegal but this is something i cooked up.

    1-andro-Rx- 3 bottles(180tabs) (1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one) 100mg
    Ep-Stane -90(epistrong clone) (2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol)
    Oxyguno 2 btls- 100(4 chloro 17a etioallochol 4 ene 17b ol 3,11 dione ) 7.5mg
    anabolic-matrix Rx-x2
    advanced cycle support Rx-
    IForce Reversitol V2-
    E-control -
    Ive taken oxyguno before at college did a 6 week cycle of just that and made about 22lb gain. of course i was eatin 6-8 meals a day about 6500 calories a day plus 3 shakes.

    6 week cycle im 5'9 207

    1-andro rx 3,4,6,6,4,3
    oxyguno 3,4,6,6,4,3
    about week 2 Ep-stane 2x15mg 1am/1pm
    ill increase dosage as needed.
    Support- will be using e-control and reverstol as PCT
    reversitol- will take these 2 the last day of cycle

    Advanced cycle support
    milk thistle
    fish oil
    Martrix rx
    hey bro. I'm looking to run epistane (havoc) and forma-stanzolol. You think you can help me?
    If anyone post on my profile because you cant reach me by pm. And some how you get banned for no reason at all. Just call me right away 978 3784266 ... I think some bullshit is going on here and I want to get to the fucking bottom of it.

    So if you see this and you get banned just call me. Will find out wtf is going on real quick.
    Hi Needto,Sorry I posted here, I dont have permissions to PM yet. Thank you for all the info on this site. So, in january i'm thinkin of doing a cycle of one of the three (hella, epistrong, or beast) to put on some dry gains. I play lacrosse defense so I dont want to put on too much weight, but i want to dry out and get my strength and weight back. Im at about 230 right now and used to be 248 (it was a brutal semester), roughly 15%. I have done tren xtreme (American cel labs), tren 2 xtreme, estane (Comp Edge Labs), and dbol (american cel labs) in the past and wanted to try out either hella, epi, or beast and wanted to get your thoughts on which would be best for the gains I am looking to make and also a regimen for a cycle and PCT cuz they are crucial. I want to put on lean muscle, get my lifts back up there, and kick fuckin ass on the field. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    Hey Needto sorry I cannot PM yet and I had to run this question in the 4 messages below!!

    First off thanks for posting some great knowledge throughout this forum and others. I have been reading through trying to work out the kinks in my PCT I am about to partake in. I came across your site and there are a few products I am considering to add to my PCT. Keeping my gains is very important to me considering that it has reduced some of my embarrassing extra regain some burned muscle during a 150lb weight loss! I have never been so happy and confident about my looks in my life. Ok sorry enough of the sob story.
    This is my current cycle: 3 week cycle

    17 Alpha per pill (i.e. superdrol clone @ 20mg) and (Pheraplex clone @ 10mg.

    * I have ran it at (20/20) so far and may increase to 30 for week 3. I seem to be handling the sides well so far.

    -Liver support containing Thistle and NAC. I will be continuing through PCT.
    -Hawthorn berry: 1100mg's daily. Continuing through PCT as well.
    -Fish oil: 1000mgs a day. Continuing through pct.
    PCT: So far I have ordered Nolva and plan to dose at (40/30/20/10). Unless you have a better suggestion.

    OKAY here are my questions!!

    1. Do I need to take anything in addition to the Nolva for a 3 week ph cylce and does nolva cycle need to run 4 weeks?

    2. If I do need to add then what would be a reasonable route to go (ai, natty test, Tribulus Terrestre alone???) (As I mentioned I really want to keep the gains! But an emergency has come up and have put me in a tight spot with funds!) (i.e. HCGenerate looks like an amazing compliment to nolva and I have seen you recommend it; However, $65 is a stretch for me right now, or otherwise I would have bought it hours ago and I would not have had to bother you!!)
    If I do need to add an ai, natty test, hcgenerate, or Tribulus Terrestre when would the dosing need to start and how long should I run it? I have read some where that it was good to start a natty test two weeks into PCT?

    I greatly appreciate any help that you can provide! I will be sending people to your site for products I can guarantee you that.

    hey i was trying to figure out the best bulking stack/solo i was thinking hella/diesel?? but im not thrilled with the hairl loss sides? is there anything i can take to stop the loss? thanks
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